Rock’n Roll Summer

Rock'n Roll Summer mit SPREERADIO & Jochen Trus

  1. Elvis Presley
    Heartbreak Hotel (Axton/Durden/Presley) Tree Publishing
  2. Jerry Lee Lewis
    Milkshake Mademoiselle (Lewis/Lewis) CC
  3. Craig Douglas
    Only Sixteen (Campbell) Caggs Music / EMI Music Publ.
  4. Frankie Ford
    Sea Cruise (Ford) CC
  5. Wilbert Harrison
    Kansas City (Harrison) CC
  6. Bobby Vinton
    Blue Velvet (Wayne /Morris) Vogue Music Inc.
  7. Lloyd Price
    Stagger Lee (Price) CC
  8. Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
    Please Don't Touch (Heath/Robinson) Multimood Music Inc.
  9. Roy Orbison
    Only The Lonely (Orbison / Nelson) Acuff Rose Publ.
  10. Warren Smith
    Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache (Smith) Warren Smith Music Publ.
  11. Little Richard
    Long Tall Sally (Johnson/Blackwell/Pennyman) ATV Music Inc.
  12. Chuck Berry
    No Particular Place To Go (Chuck Berry) ARC Music Inc.
  13. Fats Domino
    There Goes My Heart Again (Domino) Dom Hall Music Inc.
  14. Duane Eddy
    Guitar Man (Hazlewood/Eddy) Linduane Music
  15. Phil Phillips and the Twilights
    Sea Of Love (Baptiste/Khury) Trio Music Inc. Sunset Music
  16. Bobby Rydell
    Volare (Migliaci/Modugno/Parish) Edizione Curci SRI
  17. Ricky Nelson
    Poor Little Fool (Nelson) CC
  18. Tennessee Ernie Ford
    Sixteen Tons (Travis) Capitol Publ.
  19. Tommy Edwards
    Its All In The Game (Davis/Sidman) Memory Lane Music
  20. Dion
    The Wanderer (Ernie Maresca) Warner Chappell

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